Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition
Housing Task Force

Housing Task Force

Formed in Fall of 2008, the Housing Task Force currently has 50 members. Chaired by Bill Thomas, this group educates, advocates and acts on issues related to shelter and housing. The Housing Task Force meets monthly to discuss and act on immediate issues raised by members of the community.

All of the work done by the Housing Task Force reflects YAPC’s belief that:

• Housing is a human right; safe, secure, affordable housing should be available to all citizens
• Our community has the ability and creativity to solve its housing crisis
• We have enough evidence to move forward – we don’t need to study the issue any more
• Working together – collaboratively – will get us there
• Other cities have been where we are; we can learn from their success
• A ‘Housing First’ approach makes for healthier communities

Work coming out of the Housing Task Force includes:

A Home for Everyone: A Housing Action Plan for Whitehorse
Enriching our Understanding of Homelessness in Whitehorse