Unmined Territory

Unmined Territory celebrates unexplored stories of Yukon history, culture, community and resilience. It is a partnership between the Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition and GBP Creative.

Photograph of Omi


“Anyone can be a breath away from homelessness.”

About Omi
Photograph of Jason


“Learning about my culture has taught me how to live, and not to just survive.”

About Jason
Photograph of Dianne


“I would get really sad, mostly at night. You are in this tent just thinking about your day and what your mom is going through. You could see it, you could feel it. It was heartbreaking.”

About Dianne
Photograph of Cyprian


“Having no other reasonable housing options, I slept on a bunk bed in the hallway of an old mobile home for a year.”

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Photograph of Susan


“I don't think anybody ever, wakes up one day and says, Ooh, I think I want to raise my kid to be on the system. I hope that (children) they're not ashamed of me. That's my greatest fear. That's probably why I didn't tell them I was coming here.”

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Photograph of Myryja


“It's a minority you can become part of at any given time, even if it's just temporary, it can happen.”

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Photograph of RJ and Mel

RJ and Mel

“It's like we don't even have time to really grieve properly…it just seems like one after another. Like we just don't even want to know after a weekend what's going on.”

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Project Credits

  • Photography: GBP Creative
  • Narratives: Brianne Bremner
  • Editor: Keitha Clark
  • Thanks to: The Yukon Arts Centre, Yukon 125, Mark Kelly, and Christopher Griffiths
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