Reaching Home

Reaching Home


The Reaching Home program is both exciting and administratively complex. The links on this page take you to the Community Homelessness Report, the ESDC directives and the Coordinated Access Guide. These are recommended reading for proponents.

Behind this webpage is a small, dedicated team of Reaching Home Officers. Call or email us if you wish to discuss a potential project.

Below are also links to the Built for Zero website and the Homeless Hub – two good resources for people working to reduce homelessness in Canada.

Community Homelessness Report (link to follow)

ESDC Directives for Reaching Home

Coordinated Access Guide (PDF)

Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness

Built for Zero

Homeless Hub

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    Reaching Home Program Officer: Deserine Grimes | (867) 689-5456 |

    Reaching Home Program Officer: Courtney Holmes|(867) 333-5460|

    Reaching Home Program Officer: John Mimee| (867) 689-5454 |