Reaching Home

Reaching Home

Reaching Home, Coordinated Access and HIFIS in the Yukon

What is Coordinated Access?

Coordinated Access is an integrated process that streamlines access to resources in a community. Its purpose is to enable sharing of information between service-providers, so that any person accessing services only needs to tell their story once and is rapidly given complete and relevant information about available supports in the community.

What is HIFIS?

HIFIS (Homeless Individuals and Families Information System) is the data management system at the heart of Coordinated Access. It allows service providers from the same community to access, collect and share real-time data to ensure individuals and families accessing services are prioritized and referred to the appropriate services at the correct time. In the Yukon, Safe at Home is the administrator of HIFIS.

How is Coordinated Access connected to Reaching Home?

Coordinated Access is a core element of the Canada’s National Housing Strategy, and implementing it is a condition of receiving Reaching Home funding. Community-wide implementation of Coordinated Access will lead to fundamental system changes in the Yukon, making the elimination of homelessness a real possibility, not just a dream.