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July 18 2022

Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition Releases 2022 Whitehorse Living Wage Report

Whitehorse, YT - The Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition released the “Living Wage in Whitehorse, Yukon: 2020-2022” report today. The living wage is defined as the hourly rate at which the basic needs of a household made up of 2 adults working full-time and 2 children can be met after accounting for government transfers and deductions.

Thanks to increases in government transfers, especially to households with children, the living wage in Whitehorse in 2022 is equal to $18.28 per hour for each adult which is a decrease from 2021. Kendall Hammond, author of the report, says: “The findings in the report show significant reductions in expenses such as child care, through benefits such as the Yukon Early Learning and Child Care Funding Program, which subsidizes up to $700 per month per child for licensed early learning and child care.”

“As inflation reaches highs that haven’t been seen in nearly half a century, particularly affecting amenities such as shelter, food, clothing, and transportation, further direct measures are necessary to ensure everyone can access these necessities of life,” says Hammond. “Individuals living on their own, lone parent families or those without children are unable to access many of these tax credits and benefits. Inflation and the rising cost of living will have a significantly steeper impact on them.”

“We will continue to work collaboratively with our community partners and governments to implement the recommendations outlined in this report,” says Kristina Craig, Executive Director of YAPC. “This report clearly demonstrates that direct cash transfers are one of the most effective tools at the government’s disposal to combat inflation and reduce poverty. Action really needs to be taken now to ensure more people do not fall through the cracks as the cost of living increases.”

Adds Hammond: “We expect to see a sharp increase in the living wage calculation for 2023 given the increased costs of shelter, food and transportation this year.”


For more information

  • Kendall Hammond, author of report: (778) 533-0930
  • Kristina Craig, YAPC Executive Director: (867) 334-9318