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December 17 2020

Call Out for Immediate Federal Homelessness Funding Applications

Whitehorse - The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed gaps and inequalities in our social safety net and has reminded us of how important it is to have a safe and affordable place to call home. The Government of Canada is providing additional funding to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak through Reaching Home, an initiative aimed at preventing and reducing homelessness across Canada.  

Yukon has been allocated approximately $1.6 million.

The community priorities for these funds are as follows:

  • Finding Permanent Housing for those temporarily housed: including housing placement services and/or capital investments in transitional or permanent supportive housing.
  • Preventing Inflows to Homelessness: including housing loss prevention activities (for example, landlord-tenant mediation, assistance to maintain housing, or placing individuals exiting institutions directly into housing), and/or shelter diversion activities.
  • Extending Emergency COVID-19 Measures for Individuals Experiencing Homelessness: including acquiring/ operating temporary spaces (such as an isolation or emergency response facility, and other amenities intended to address hygiene needs) to reduce overcrowding in shelters, the delivery of client support and basic needs services (including health services), and any other measures that increase the safety of a facility.

Eligible applicants are as follows:

  • Not-for-profit organizations
  • Indigenous organizations (Indigenous organizations may include, but are not limited to, incorporated for-profit and not-for-profit Indigenous controlled organizations, Indigenous controlled unincorporated associations, Indian Act Bands, Tribal Councils and Indigenous self-government entities);
  • Public health and educational institutions
  • For-profit organizations (please contact for information)
  • Municipalities
  • Territorial governments and their entities, including institutions, agencies and Crown Corporations.

Applications will begin being reviewed by the Community Advisory Board in mid-January 2021, however applications will be reviewed continuously until all funds have been allocated.

*Please note all projects must be completed by May 14, 2021

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Please contact the Reaching Home Program Team: