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June 22 2016

Living Wage calculation for Whitehorse released

Whitehorse - June 22, 2016 - The Yukon Anti Poverty Coalition is pleased to release “Living Wage in Whitehorse, Yukon: 2016”. The Living Wage serves as a measure of poverty as those earning less than the living wage amount in their community will face significant challenges meeting basic needs. According to Living Wage Canada, the living wage equals the hourly rate of pay that a family requires to meet basic needs such as adequate housing and nutritious food after accounting for government transfers (eg. the newly created Canada Child Benefit) and deductions from income (e.g. income taxes and EI premiums). “A living wage enables working families to avoid the negative outcomes associated with living in poverty,” says Bill Thomas, Cochair of the Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition. “Ultimately a living wage promotes healthy child development and social inclusion.” In 2016, the Living Wage in Whitehorse equals $19.12, one of the highest rates in Canada. The higher cost of housing compared to other communities serves as a primary reason as to why Whitehorse has one of the highest living wage rates in the country. “We hope this first-ever calculation will inform the conversation around income, the cost of living and government policies that can address affordability,” says Thomas. “Our goal is to work together with businesses, consumers, governments, educational institutions and employers to ensure that the Living Wage is lower next year.”