Make a Difference

Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition

It takes a community to end poverty and homelessness. There can be no “them” and “us”. The Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition believes that by bringing the community together and building partnerships with individuals, governments, and the private and the non-profit sector, we can build a healthier, more accepting society. We can take real action to directly and positively affect the lives of everyone in our community.

There are lots of ways you can make a difference!

  • Become informed. Learn about homelessness, poverty, and issues of social exclusion.
  • Respect homeless people as individuals and respond with kindness. Make eye contact and say hello.
  • Support businesses that sponsor anti-poverty initiatives.
  • Volunteer for the next Whitehorse Connects (334 9318).
  • Donate food or cash to the Whitehorse Food Bank at 306 Alexander Street or use the drop off bins at Whitehorse grocery stores.
  • Donate goods and services through your business – call YAPC (334 9317) for ideas.
  • Donate the proceeds of selling your clothes at Sequels (456 2533) to the Dress to Impress program.
  • Speak to the Volunteer Manager at Volunteer Yukon (456 4304) about a volunteer role for you.
  • Become a tutor with Yukon Learn (668 6280).
  • Ask governments to provide incentives that stimulate construction of more affordable housing.
  • Support government decisions that improve housing in Whitehorse.
  • Volunteer your time or skills to Habitat for Humanity (456 4349).
  • Challenge your friends, family and colleagues to get involved and support anti-poverty action.
  • Donate socks, mitts, new underwear and winter clothing to the Outreach Van (334 1647).
  • Donate personal and household supplies to Kaushee’s Place (633 7220).
  • OR contact YAPC for more ideas (334 9317).