Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition

Yukon Food Security Network

Food security In the Yukon has been an ongoing challenge. The Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition started convening roundtables in 2011 under the name of the Yukon Food Network. In 2018 food insecurity in the Yukon was reported to be 16.9%, 4.2% higher than the national average, according to Statistics Canada data. 

The onset of the pandemic exacerbated things which overwhelmed many non profits. In response, the Food Bank Society of the Yukon, the Yukon Anti-
Poverty Coalition and United Way Yukon agreed to work together to address the systemic issues that cause food insecurity. Yukon Energy agreed to fund such an effort and the Yukon Energy Food Security Network was born. A coordinator was hired and the above four organizations formed a steering committee


Michelle Watson |Yukon Food Security Network Coordintator