Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition

Food Network Yukon (FNY)

Hunger, nutrition and equal access to food have been an ongoing area of advocacy and action for the YAPC. The Whitehorse Food Bank was made possible in 2007 through a collaboration of Coalition members and concerned citizens. Food security continues to be an urgent topic for the territory both in terms of emergency food provision and the need for a long-term strategy to address food insecurity and sovereignty across Yukon. Issues of food security have become more acute during the response to COVID 19. If you are challenged to provide food for you or your family, please call (867) 689-9650.

The YAPC began facilitating Let’s Talk About Food Security forums in 2012. These forums have evolved into the Food Network Yukon and are an opportunity for stakeholder groups and concerned citizens to network and exchange knowledge around food and food security. We have welcomed representatives from Yukon Government, the City of Whitehorse, NGO's, food retailers, food producers and food activists around the circle. The continuation of these forums has been made possible through the support of the Arctic Institute for Community Based Research and the Maple Leaf Centre for Action on Food Security.

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