Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition

The Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition facilitates the elimination of poverty in the Yukon through awareness, advocacy and action. Our members are an action-based team who partner with other community members on issues involving food, shelter and access to services.

Free food in Whitehorse
Safe at Home
A Living Wage in Whitehorse
Surviving in Whitehorse
Jenffer Jay
My Story

I never planned to be here where I am now. I was born with many hidden handicaps and a family that liked to move because they couldn’t cope. The reason we first came up here was because my dad dreamed to find gold in 1974. I was young, going to school, what set me back from learning was moving around. I thought at first the Yukon would be it. But after a year and half we moved. We came back in 1976 and back and forth a few times to farmland in BC and back to the Yukon. I never had a root for sticking somewhere until finally it was one of my dreams to be a cartoonist. I wanted to be famous. I wanted to go back to school. So in 1986, I went back to school and went back to Yukon Learn and then things started going good for me.

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